Mama, Marine Corps veteran, libra, english and french bulldog lover and avid Coke drinker among many other things. I smile a lot and love to laugh. I am a hugger and adore anything and everything romance! I love the idea of love and it's one of my favorite things to capture, whether that's in marriage, documenting the love of a family or between a smitten mama and the precious life she carries in her belly. I am blessed beyond measure with the honor of visually curating and telling your story. Some of my favorite things include my english bulldog, Beautycounter products, mallomars (if you haven't yet, you need to try them!), and all. the. pasta!


Wedding & Portrait Photographer

"success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." - maya angelou 

I wish I could tell you some awesome story about how I became to be an artist but truthfully, photography was the farthest thing from what I had planned. This hobby turned passion and second career, fell into my lap. I was looking for a creative outlet, something that was portable and flexible that I could bring with me anywhere I went. I fell in love and haven't looked back with what I found in a camera and a simple image of my kids.  

I desire and strive to provide an experience unlike any other by forming a relationship and focusing on a select number of portrait and wedding clients per year so that I can focus my energy on those who've invested in me. It would be an honor to chat with you about one of the most meaningful days of your life and work with you to create an experience that fits your needs. Not local? I'd love to travel so please feel free to reach out!


My people. My reason for starting this business and my drive for working hard. They keep me motivated and passionate and are always my number one supporters when I need a model. I may need to bribe but it works out in the end!


Meet stubborn, I mean Buster! My english bulldog baby. He's a rescue and I'm not sure who rescued who. He's been with me through some really tough times and even though he growls at you when you tell him no or to get off the couch, he's always there to welcome me home from a long day and keep me warm at night (even though he's not supposed to sleep on the bed, but don't tell him that).


It's home to one of my favorite people on earth.  The views and weather are some of the most gorgeous scenery. If it weren't for the outrageous cost of living or other life logistics I'd love to call it home. For now I will admire its beauty with visits. If you're planning your wedding or elopement in California, let a girl know!