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do you shoot film or digital?

Both! I am confident and comfortable with shooting both mediums so I always have both with me and I shoot whichever the situation calls for. My preference is film. However, not all situations are ideal for shooting film. All images, no matter which medium was used to capture them, will be presented to you in a cohesive manner.

what equipment do you use?

I shoot with both film and digital Canon cameras. A 5D MKIV and 1V to be exact. I also shoot with a Contax 645 medium format film camera. My lenses are professional grade and all of my gear is well cared for and serviced regularly to ensure they are in proper working order.

how many images will i receive?

On average, I curate 50-75 images per hour that I am shooting. You can expect 75-100 images per hour if there is a second shooter.

what does your editing include?

When I deliver your images, each one will be carefully adjusted to ensure the color and exposure meet the quality of what you see on my portfolio. Your images may also receive basic retouches which include blemish removal, removal of any major distractions, minor under eye correction and cropping. I take a natural approach to these adjustments and it is my preference to have the image appear as if no adjustments were ever made.

One of my many favorite reasons for working with film is that it is very kind on the appearance of your skin so the need for major retouching is not usually necessary. If you require any additional retouching that goes beyond what is included mentioned above I am happy to outsource the retouching for an additional fee. We can discuss your request and desired outcome before commissioning any additional work.

what is the investment for your services?

Every couple has their own unique needs and desires when it comes to their celebration of love and there is no one package fits all. My standard 8 hour wedding collection begins at $2,800 and I offer a la carte options to curate a collection of your own. I am happy to tailor a collection just for you! Let’s discuss your vision and goals for your celebration and come up with something that works best for you!

Mini portrait collections are $325 and standard portrait collections are $450.

Please contact me for detailed information about my offerings!

do you travel?

I do! I would absolutely love to be apart of capturing your memories and celebrations no matter where they take you. I would love to discuss your plans and we can go from there with customizing a travel quote. Included with my collections is up to 40 miles of travel. Any travel outside of that complimentary mileage may incur an additional cost unless discussed otherwise. Travel quotes would be added to your selected collection and I will handle all of the travel arrangements.

how long does it take to get my images?

I take great care to create memories that you will enjoy and cherish for generations to come. Shooting film is not the fastest method, but I believe it to be the most beautiful and meaningful when curating your story. Turnaround times for engagement and portrait sessions average 4-5 weeks and weddings approximately 8-10 weeks.


“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” – Maya Angelou

All are welcome here at Alexis Ralston Photography, no matter your sexual orientation, religious background or race. We are all inclusive and hope you feel right at home! All I ask is that you love wholeheartedly.


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wedding day

The Beaufort Inn | Magnolia Way Venue | Beaufort Wedding Photographer | Beaufort Photographer | Charleston Wedding Photographer | Charleston Photographer | Hilton Head Island Photographer | Hilton Head Island Wedding Photographer | Bluffton Wedding Photographer | Bluffton Photographer | Savannah Wedding Photographer

don’t pass on the engagement session

Often times, I don’t have the opportunity to meet my couples during the booking process. In the off chance we do have that opportunity to meet, you won’t truly know how I photograph until you’re actually in front of my camera. That is, after all, where the “magic” happens, am I right? This is where the engagement session comes in! It is the perfect opportunity to understand how I will direct you come wedding day and have the opportunity to spend some time together and get to know each other better. Engagement sessions are so much fun and serve as an amazing opportunity to have some great images taken together without the restrictions of a wedding day.

consider a first look

I highly recommend getting the bulk of your wedding day portraits out of the way before your ceremony. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your post-ceremony festivities stress free, you will have created beautiful portraits and memories of those who matter most to you. Couples are often times frustrated and overwhelmed when they spend most or all of their cocktail hour taking portraits when they would rather be enjoying the events of their own wedding. I get it! This is why we should only photograph any absolutely necessary group portraits that cannot be photographed before the ceremony, immediately afterward.

hire a skilled wedding planner

Your wedding day is an absolute beautiful blur full of many details, timelines, friends, family members, emotions, and so much more. A planner can take your visions and truly make them come to life allowing you to experience the stress free wedding day of your dreams and allow me to photograph all of the amazing elements of your day smoothly. If a wedding planner is not in the budget, consider a day of coordinator to assist in having your day run smoothly.

consider an unplugged ceremony

Just think about receiving your gallery back and the images you look at of your guests have their faces covered by an iPhone or iPad. You’re not able to see any of their reactions to seeing you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams. You have devices sticking out above guests’ heads as you walk down the aisle or even in the aisle way. Distracting, right? That will live on in your wedding memories forever. The best images of your wedding will come about when your guests put away their devices and view the ceremony with their eyes and hearts.

Beaufort Wedding Photographer | Magnolia Way Venue | The Beaufort Inn | Charleston Wedding Photographer | Charleston Photographer | Hilton Head Island Wedding Photographer | Hilton Head Island Photographer

The Beaufort Inn | Magnolia Way Venue | Beaufort Wedding Photographer | Beaufort Photographer | Charleston Wedding Photographer | Charleston Photographer | Hilton Head Island Photographer | Hilton Head Island Wedding Photographer | Bluffton Wedding Photographer | Bluffton Photographer | Savannah Wedding Photographer

details, details, details!

You’ll want to have all of your wedding details prepared and set aside in the bridal suite where you are getting ready to photograph upon my arrival. This includes the full paper/invitation suite with addressing/stamps, welcome bags, favors, all paper products, dress, shoes, all wedding rings, and any other details of your day that you would like to have photographed. Consider any family heirlooms, jewelry, ribbon, fabric or any other meaningful elements that would enhance your images to be included as well. These are the first things that I photograph upon arriving so it is very important to have everything ready to go!

**tip: if your wedding reception linen is unique, consider adding a smaller linen to your order to use in the styling of your details. this will help tie in the elements with the color and texture adding that extra oomph to your images!

getting ready location

Your wedding day starts at the location where you’re getting ready. Choose wisely! Whether you’re at a friends house, hotel room, a bridal suite the venue provides or any other location preparing for your day, consider your surroundings. This location is where a large amount of your details and initial portraits will be taken. I recommend a space that first and foremost provides a great deal of ample natural light, and that is spacious and open.

relax and be present

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Seriously. You’ve hired a team that is there to serve you on your once in a lifetime magical day. Enjoy it. Leave the rest to us and be present with those that are there to celebrate YOU!