Erin & Wes | Beaufort, South Carolina Spanish Moss Filled Maternity Session

Aug 31, 2020

My gosh have I missed the Spanish moss drenched oak trees in the beautiful Lowcountry! My soul feels at peace being back on the south’s coast even though I could forever do without the humidity. Lord give me the strength and patience to accept that back into my life after having the amazing California dry heat in my life for quite some time. Okay, well 100+ degrees of dry heat isn’t THAT much better but the California coast’s weather is something to dream about. Anyway, one of my first treats back in the Lowcountry was the pleasure of documenting this glowing mama-to-be, Erin, and her ever so patient husband, Wes. We were not even sure this session was going to happen with work schedules and whatnot, but we made it happen and I’m oh so happy with the outcome! A pure treat and surely an amazing welcome back to this lovely place I am, for now, calling home.

A mixture of Fuji 400h shot on my Contax 645 & 5D MKIV | Film Processing by Indie Film Lab

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